Daily Question – 76

What is its common name?

A ‘Kissing Gourami’, also known as a ‘Kisser’. Point given to anyone who has mentioned ‘kiss’.

Cracked by 13 of you! In order – TKB, Sumo, Thejaswi Udupa, vijaysarathy, Raghuvansh, Soda, Goutham, nidhi, zizzyphus, Ludwig, Priya, anantha, and Derek No Brain. However, special mention must be made of Lord Labak Das whose answer was ‘Quizzing Gouramis’!


18 responses to “Daily Question – 76

  1. Lord Labak Das

    Knew this was coming. Quizzing Gouramis.

  2. Kissing Gourami

  3. Muchas Smoochies to you too. That is on Kissing Gourami desperately searching for Rajiv Rai

  4. Thejaswi Udupa

    Kissing Gourami, of course.

  5. Kissing Gourami also Kissers

  6. Kissing Gourami. Does it also quiz or are those Gouramis slight-a different?

  7. Kissing gourami aka Tropical Kissing Fish

    PS- Thought it was called the angeline jolie fish…but google set me right :D

  8. Venkatakrishnan.A.J


  9. Kissers.
    named because they “kiss” the other fish in the tank and freak ’em out.

  10. Kissing Gourami

  11. Mwah. Mmmmwah.

    Quizzing Goutami.

    Kissing Gourami.

    Something like that?

  12. Sakkat Mane Dovv

    What egoistic fellows, I say! Still obsessed with some stupid name they gave themselves in some quiz.

  13. Kissing gourami

  14. The Kiss Fish :)

  15. Zulu Fish (Boar Fish)

  16. Derek No Brain

    Kissing gourami

  17. Ajay Parasuraman

    Hogfish ?