Daily Question – 74

Identify both guys. What connects them?

‘Fritz the Cat’. Robert Crumb (Visual 1) created the character and Ralph Bakshi (Visual 2) made the hit 1972 movie based on the comic books. This movie famously turned out to be the first X rated animated movie.

I must say it gives me some perverse pleasure to announce that the question went unanswered!

4 responses to “Daily Question – 74

  1. Is that first one a very bad portrait of James Lipton?

  2. that.. that pic of Crumb beats the earlier pic of Greg Peck for misdirection.

  3. Thejaswi Udupa

    Seriously – the least you could have done is put a self portrait. I kept thinking that the first guy is a cross of Salman Rushdie and Steve Jobs.

    And ditto for Bakshi also – where’s the trademark beard and glasses, I say?!

    Nice question, though.

  4. i was thinking David Kelly run through Stanley Kubrick/Steven Spielberg. :)