Daily Question – 54

Whose statue is this?

European-looking guy, Chinese lettering on the pedestal. Who else? Marco Polo.

Cracked by 22 of you! In order – Thejaswi Udupa, TKB, ganesh, Ashwin, zizzyphus, Gaurav, anannyad, Rajagopal, Venkatesh S (Venky), Mouli, Suraj, philip, citybank(rupt), Aamaadmi, li’l_boy-fat_man, Mario, harsha, Rohan, Rajiv Rai, anil raghavan, Sharath, and BoFi.


25 responses to “Daily Question – 54

  1. Thejaswi Udupa

    Marco Polo

  2. Marco Polo?

  3. Marco Polo

  4. Marco Polo

  5. Statue of Marco Polo

  6. Statue of Marco Polo in China

  7. Marco Polo

  8. Marco ( not wearing) Polo.

  9. Arun Ramanathan

    Rabindranath Tagore

  10. Venkatesh S (Venky)

    Statue of Marco Polo in Hangzhou, China.

  11. Marco Polo

  12. Marco Polo’s statue in Hangzhou, China

  13. Statue of Marco Polo

  14. Near the Chinese fishing nets in Kochi is a similar picture that thomas saw and he said to me marco polo

  15. Marco Polo

  16. li'l_boy-fat_man

    Marco Polo

  17. Statue of Marco Polo in Hangzhou, China, near the West Lake

  18. marco polo

  19. Plato would be my guess
    – Apurva

  20. Marco Polo statue in Hangzhou, China

  21. anil raghavan

    Marco polo

  22. Marco Polo?

  23. Damn…been a long time! Stupid Texas summer…

    Westerner´s statue with chinese script…

    Marco Polo perhaps :D