Daily Question – 52

The title page from the first edition of the most important work belonging to a famous ‘school of thought’. Name the work and the school of thought.

The Zohar, which is the most important work belonging to Kabbalah.

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23 responses to “Daily Question – 52

  1. Zohar,the most important work of Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism.

  2. Zohar,considered the most important work of Kabbalah.

  3. Zohar,work of Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism

  4. Kabbalah. This apparently is the Zohar’s I page.

  5. Mc Neill Ivan S


  6. Thejaswi Udupa

    Ok, da – since that is Hebrew, and since you have put ‘school of thought’ in quotes – I am going to say Kabbalah, and Zohar.

  7. Zohar, Kabbalah



  8. Title page of first edition of the Zohar, Mantua, 1558. Library of Congress

    work of ramkumar…i mean kaballah:)

  9. Anomander Rake

    The title page of the Zohar

  10. Kaballah; The Zohar

  11. Arjun Rangarajan

    Zohar, Kabbalah

  12. Zohar and Kabbalah.

  13. Venkatesh S (Venky)

    The Zohar, which is the text for the Kaballah.

  14. Zohar, Kaballah.

  15. Ashwin Prabhu

    Title page of the ‘Zohar’, the most important work of Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism)

  16. Title page of the Zohar
    And the school of thought would be the Kaballah

  17. The Maddonna fame Kabbalah

  18. Title page of the first edition of the Zohar – the most important text of the Jewish Kabbalah school of thought.

  19. Zohar and Kabbalah school of thought.

  20. kabbalah, zohar

  21. anon-on-narkotix

    this is the zohar, used by followers of Kabbalah

  22. Zohar and Kabbalah

  23. The school of thought is Kabbalah and that is the title page of Zohar, the primary kabbalastic text.