Daily Question – 50

Before we get to today’s question, first an announcement:

It’s time for the next QFI meeting, and it will be held this coming Sunday at P.S.! This meeting will done by Venkatesh, affectionately known as Matti, and Arun Ramanathan, affectionately known as, well, Arun, I guess! :D

This quiz won’t be an ordinary QFI Quiz. No sir, it’s a special quiz keeping in mind the massive world extravaganza that’s going to begin in Beijing in a week’s time. Yep, it’s an Olympics themed Quiz! Only the fastest, highest and strongest among us will do well in it. Highest? Strongest? I know you’re all thinking that Sumo’s team will win comfortably. That may be true, but it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about taking part. So, bring your Olympic spirit, and be sure to brush up on your Chinese Synchronized Swimmers before you turn up on Sunday!

Arun has done themed quizzes at the QFI in the past, including an excellent India quiz some time ago. But as we all know, there are very few India questions that can be asked in this case! Matti is well-known for his fascination for South Indian temples and Superstar Rajinikanth, both of which have very little to do with the Olympics, although the Superstar will no doubt be able to win Gold, Silver and Bronze in the cigarette-in-mid-air shooting discipline, whenever it is introduced. It’s high time they got rid of that Trap, Double Trap nonsense anyway.

So, anyway, this quiz promises to be a pleasant change for the quizmasters and loads of fun for the participants. Don’t miss it for any reason!! The details are as follows:

Time: 10:00 a.m, Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Quizmasters: Arun and Matti

Venue: P.S. Senior Secondary School, No. 33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004

And now for today’s question…

What name has been blanked out in Visual 1? (The guy in Visual 2 is just a clue, not even a very good clue actually, maybe just half a clue.)

The man in the mugshot was the rapper ’50 Cent’. But the name blanked out would be his real name, which is ‘Curtis Jackson’. The man in the clue visual is his cousin, who is nicknamed ’25 Cent’, and goes by the moniker ‘Two Five’.

Cracked by 28 of you! In order – Thejaswi Udupa, ganesh, vijaysarathy, Hemant, anil raghavan, Venkatakrishnan.A.J, Priya, Vivek Cheriyan, Mario, Ranjana Ninan, sai, Arun.A.S, Ashwin Kelkar, giantrun, Andy, Paulie, Prashant, Rohan, anon-on-narkotix, Venky, Wasi Manazir, Sharath, Mc Neill Ivan S, Santosh, nishansolo, Nidhi and bobo.


30 responses to “Daily Question – 50

  1. Thejaswi Udupa

    That is 50 cent. Therefore, I presume ‘Curtis Jackson’ would be written on the slate.

  2. Jackson Curtis

  3. 50 Cent

  4. Jackson curtis a.k.a 50 Cent and the second visual is of rapper Two Five cousin of 50 Cent.

  5. vijaysarathy

    Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

  6. Curtis “50 cent” Jackson

  7. anil raghavan

    curtis jackson(50cent)

  8. Venkatakrishnan.A.J

    Jackson Curtis .

  9. Curtis Jackson. Is this a trick question?

  10. Vivek Cheriyan

    Curtis Jackson

  11. Curtis Jackson – 50 cent

  12. Ranjana Ninan

    Curtis James Jackson the 3rd aka 50 cent

  13. curtis jackson…

  14. Curtis Jackson

  15. That chap is 50 cent. His name is Curtis something. So what has been blanked out is probably “Curtis xxxxxxxxx”.

  16. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent

  17. Curtis Jackson’s (50 Cent) mug shot when he was arrested in the early 90’s.

  18. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent

  19. Jackson,Curtis

  20. that’s 50 cent, so curtis jackson?

  21. Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent…

  22. Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent with the clue, 25 cent being exactly half of that!!

  23. Wasi Manazir

    Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent

  24. 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson)

  25. Mc Neill Ivan S

    Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cents

  26. Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent.

  27. Curtis Jackson

  28. Rapper 50 Cent on Friday sued Internet advertising company Traffix Inc for using his image without permission in the graphic “Shoot the Rapper” ad, which he says promotes violence and threatens his safety.

  29. 50 cent. curtiswhatsit somethingortheother

  30. i look into his face, and i think i see curtis jackson (the third?)