Daily Question – 40

A famous showdown between these two men was described in a recent best-seller. Identify both of them and name the book.

The men were Chris Ferguson and T.J.Cloutier, and their final showdown in the 2000 World Series Of Poker was recently described by Tim Harford in his book ‘The Logic Of Life’ in a chapter discussing Game Theory.

Akila came close but got the wrong book by the same author, and a lot of others identified the two men. But only one man… err… boy managed to get it fully right! Who else but Thomas Masun! Brilliant crack!


11 responses to “Daily Question – 40

  1. Thejaswi Udupa

    Starting from ‘poker player looks like Jesus’ on Google, and a few Wiki pages later…

    Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson
    TJ Cloutier
    Positively Fifth Street

  2. Jim McManus’ “Positively Fifth Street.”
    Cloutier and Ferguson

  3. vijaysarathy

    Jesus Ferguson and T J Cloutier – Positively Fifth Street : Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion’s World Series of Poker

  4. Chris Ferguson and Tj Cloutier
    Championship No-Limit and Pot Limit Hold’em.

  5. Chris”Jesus” Ferguson
    Undercover economist

  6. Chris ferguson, james mcmanus, positively fifth street

  7. Dear Uncle:

    Long-hair Uncle is Chris Ferguson. Slightly shorter hair Uncle is TJ Cloutier.

    The book is Tim Harford’s “The Logic of Live.”

    Thomas Masun

  8. Dear Uncle:

    I meant “life,” of course. “Logic of live.” What kind of title is that?

    Kind regards
    Thomas Masun

  9. chris pearson & tj cloutiert

  10. The men are poker players Chris “the Jesus” Ferguson and T.J.Cloutier, the finalists of the 2000 WSOP. I found some poker strategy book s featuring their match but you probably have something else in mind. My guess is “When you are engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris.

  11. complicateur

    Thats TJ cloutier and Chris Ferguson. The book is probably Positively Fifth Street by James Mcmanus.