Daily Question – 34

What does this map show?

The map shows the number of times different countries have won the Miss Universe title.

25 of you know your world beauties! In order – Diwakar Pingle, vijaysarathy, Chris Pearson, Gaurav, Thomas Masun, Vivek Cheriyan, Thejaswi Udupa, Venkatakrishnan.A.J, ganesh, Rajiv Rai, Ashwin Prabhu, Srinivasan Rajagopal, Rajesh M, Aamaadmi, TKB, citybank(rupt), Dinesh, Paulie, Hari, Akila, philip, CR, complicateur, Atul Mathew, and Rajagopal.


26 responses to “Daily Question – 34

  1. Diwakar Pingle

    Number of times Ms. Universe has been won by respective countries…

  2. vijaysarathy

    no of miss universe’s by country.
    Nice Question!

  3. Chris Pearson

    Ms. Universe winners.

  4. Firefox download day– the map shows the number of users (country-vise) who had pledged to download firefox 3.0 on the day it was to be released.

  5. Map of the Winners of the Miss Universe contest

  6. Dear Uncle:

    Topical! This is a map showing the no. of Miss Universe winners from various countries.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  7. Vivek Cheriyan

    Miss Universe winners

  8. Thejaswi Udupa

    It shows the distribution of the Miss Universe titles across various countries.

  9. Venkatakrishnan.A.J

    Miss Universe winners?

  10. Map of Miss Universe winning Countries

  11. Miss Universe wins by various countries. Russia should have been coloured blue but for the indiscretions of one Ms. Oxana Fedorova.

  12. Ashwin Prabhu

    Map showing number of Miss Universe winners from each country

  13. Distribution of Miss Universe winners …Venezuala was the key :)

  14. miss universe – country wise breakup

  15. Miss Universe winners. Thanks to Venezuela & the US at the top

  16. Map of Miss Universe winning countries

  17. The map depicts the nationality of various Miss Universe winners. Thomas feels that Sheila Miss, class teacher of III-B would also make the grade

  18. Miss Universe title distribution – cracked via google.

  19. Countries having won the Miss Universe title. BTW, did you check out the fall of Miss USA, a repeat performance of last year. That certainly deserves to be in a connect question :-).

  20. These are the number of Miss Universe winners by country. Venezuela was a dead giveaway.

  21. Indicates the number of Ms.Universe winners from each of these countries

  22. The number of winners of the Miss Universe contest from each of these countries.

  23. Number of Miss Universe winners by Country.

  24. complicateur

    Number of times Miss Universe pageants were won by contestants from the respective color coded countries.

  25. Miss Universe Titles

  26. Number of Miss.Universe titles won by each country.