Daily Question – 7

Some people say that before he hit puberty, India occupied 23rd place in the world population rankings. All we know is, his name is Samanth Subramanian and he wants to ask you this question:

Which immensely enjoyable work of art includes, among other ‘components’, quotes such as: “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart”, “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” and “Brian”?

The work of art referred to in the question was Megan Fox. These are all tattoos on her body. For those of still going “Huh?”, click here (slightly NSFW).

24 of you proved yourselves to be connoiseurs of fine art. The others, please step out right NOW and buy the ‘Transformers’ DVD.


33 responses to “Daily Question – 7

  1. Chris Pearson

    Megan Fox.

    Excuse me while I enjoy some “happy time”.

  2. Work of art – Aha.
    A certain Miss Megan Fox – Tattoos :)
    Enjoyable indeed

  3. Thejaswi Udupa

    Megan Fox – body art

  4. the work of art is one of god’s greatest creations.. .Megan Fox’s body…

  5. Megan Fox’s tatoos

  6. Megan fox tattoos

  7. Manish mani

    Megan Fox

  8. Manish mani

    Megan Fox tattoos

  9. We are referring to the work of art otherwise known as Megan Fox … These are the Tattoos on her … Lucky Artist …

  10. Tattoo on Megan Fox.

  11. Tatoos arts on the canvas called “Megan Fox”…undoubtedly!!

  12. Tattoos of Megan Fox

  13. Shubhendu Saha

    Strategically located Tattos on Megan Fox’s body

  14. question indirectly implies that the boy Samanth has indeed now hit puberty?

    dirty dirty.

  15. Ajay Parasuraman

    Tattoos on Megan Fox’s body.

  16. anon-on-narkotix

    Megan Fox

  17. This was the only so far I’ve know without Googling!

    Megan Fox

  18. King Lear?

  19. vikram shashi mohan

    Dear 1/2 Uncle…

    The truly enjoyable work of art happens to be Megan Fox aunty, who happens to have the above words as tattoos… also heard she gets them whenever she has a ‘feeling’ about anything…
    Marilyn monroe also adorns this canvas… wonder what feeling, though..

    kind regards…..

  20. Navin Ragade

    Shakespeare’s King Lear?

  21. Megan Fox

  22. Ganesh_kumar

    It’s Megan Fox.

  23. Tatoos..

  24. Very subtly put. The very petite Megan Fox .

  25. You left out Marilyn Monroe’s portrait– Tattoos on the incredibly delectable Megan Fox whose photos (of course doing Tulsi Pooja in the morning after bathing) JK uploaded.

  26. tatoos on megan fox

  27. Is the question referring to the tattooes!

    My guess :: Ans : Tattooes!

  28. In specific two of them are for this year’s FHM annual rankings on you-know-what!!

  29. or rather all three!!

  30. Rey de Vaqueiros

    Megan Fox. God showing he is indeed great.

  31. ass ... avinass

    king lear ???

  32. anil raghavan

    Tattoes on megan fox
    but work of art?