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Daily Question – 18

Starting today, we’re going to experiment with a weekly championship format which will run from Monday to Sunday. People answering all seven questions qualify to be the champion. If no one gets all seven, then the highest number of correct answers will be considered. In case of more than one winner, the person submitting the correct answer quicker on more occasions wins the title of ‘QFI Chennai Super King’. The winner’s name/id will be featured on the side bar at the very top. And as it’s being recorded, if we decide to give out an actual prize at some point of time, we will be able to find you!

Name the bird. Where is it most famously featured?

The bird is the Grey Crowned Crane and it is most famously featured on the national flag and coat of arms of Uganda.

Cracked by 15 of you! In chronological order – DP, Rohan, manish mani, Ananth, Guneet, zizzyphus, vijaysarathy, Sankhya, Ashwin Prabhu, Sylvian Patrick, Thejaswi Udupa, citibank(rupt), Venkatesan Narasimhan, BoFi and kasthuri. Well done!


Daily Question – 17

Identify all three people and connect with a story.

The blog will be taking a break this weekend and business will resume as usual starting Monday.

The story is ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. F. Scott Fitzgerald (Visual 2) wrote the short story inspired by a quote from Mark Twain (Visual 1). The story is the basis for an upcoming film directed by David Fincher. Brad Pitt stars in it and Visual 3 shows him in his make-up as the aged Benjamin Button.

Cracked by Gaurav, priyambad, CR, sai and Thomas Masun.

Daily Question – 16

Where would you find these, now or later? An explanation would be nice.

Yinka Shonibare’s ‘Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle’ (Visual 3) and Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ (Visual 2) are the next two works that will occupy the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square in London. Currently, the work displayed on the plinth is Thomas Schutte’s ‘Model for a Hotel’ (Visual 1).

Cracked by anil raghavan, BoFi (there were six finalists, these two won), ganesh, zizzyphus, citibank(rupt), vijaysarathy, ba_ku_69, Thejaswi Udupa, Gaurav, Paulie and Guneet. Well done!

Daily Question – 15

Today’s question comes from Deviprasad Viswanathan, who wants you to buy shares of Wanbury Limited right now.

What’s the story?

Visual 1 shows Philadelphia City Hall atop which stands a statue of William Penn. Under a gentlemen’s agreement, no building in the city was to rise above this statue. This ended in March 1987, when a skyscraper called ‘One Liberty Place’ (Visual 2) opened three blocks away. This is alleged to have brought upon the city ‘The Curse of William Penn’, sometimes used to explain the failure of professional sports teams based in Philadelphia. Visual 3 shows the number of years that have elapsed since each of the cities’ teams won the league championship in their respective sport.

Cracked by 21 people! 1 point to all of you, including that young impudent rascal Thomas Masun, who gets a -92 as well because he dissed Wanbury Limited in his answer. (Long live Wanbury!)

Daily Question – 14

Today’s question comes to you from Samanth Subramanian, South India’s answer to Salman Khan.

Who are they? What connects them?


In the words of Dr. Gregory House M.D., “I finally have a case of Lupus.” Seal, Michael Jackson, Louisa May Alcott and Ferdinand Marcos all suffered from the condition Lupus, which is often discussed during the episodes of the popular TV series ‘House’. Watch this:

TKB, CR, bobo, shabhar, ganesh, zizzyphus, vijaysarathy, BoFi, Ram Kumar, and Chris Pearson diagnosed their patients correctly. The rest of you will soon lose your licenses.

Daily Question – 13

What lies behind?

This is a reconstructed bookcase covering the entrance to Anne Frank’s hiding place, in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Cracked by 23 of you, including young Thomas Masun, who has obviously been smoking whatever Kamal Haasan did when he wrote ‘Dasavatharam’.

Daily Question – 12

Today’s question comes partly from me and partly from Harish Narayanan, an ex-QFI regular and a card-carrying member of the Church Of Tarantino. His faith is so strong that he once set a full-length QFI quiz where almost every answer was ‘Kill Bill’ (one was ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 2’). He is now based in the United States, earning his daily bread from Microsoft, and has sent us this question from his iPhone.

Identify the paintings and the painters. And connect.

‘Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends’, the fourth album by Coldplay, is named after a painting by Frida Kahlo (Visual 1) and the cover artwork features the painting ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by Eugène Delacroix (Visual 2).

Cracked by 19 of you!